All furniture, pictures and appliances should be removed from the area that will under go the installation and/or refinishing process. Signature Edition, Inc. (SEI) can remove and replace appliances, such as refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers. SEI employs a device called an AirSled© that moves appliances easily across any surface on a cushion of air. There is a nominal fee for this service.



Hardwood products must acclimate to the environment that they will be installed. Acclimation periods can run as short as 72-hours based on the mill we can opt to purchase from.


Work Areas

SEI will setup equipment in a location convenient to the actual installation area. If work areas extend an unusual distance from the installation area, then, the length of the project will take longer. SEI will assess this situation and discuss this with the customer during the proposal process.


Hot & Cold Weather

Please understand that some temperatures (extremely hot summer days and extremely cold winter days) can cause delays in the project. Considerations will be discussed with the customer and they will be kept up-to-date on the current conditions and any delays caused.

Finishing Process

We feel our finishing process is superior to the competition. We have factored in concerns from our clients regarding VOC content and air quality during this stage in the project. We do suggest that our clients make prior living arrangements during the first staining and finishing portion of the project. We cannot not guarantee the odor will not be present, however, we can assure you that after the first phase of the project, we cut the VOC content in half resulting in faster dry times and lower odors that will emit and dissipate in hours verses days.

Concrete Sub Floors

In some flooring applications, customers are often concerned about installing wood floors on top of concrete sub floors. If this concrete surface is free from radiant heat, the installation of solid wood flooring and engineered flooring can be possible. Concrete sub floors do continually absorb moisture. The moisture can seep into the wood and destroy the floor over time. We lay down a moisture barrier between the concrete and the adhesive that will be holding the wood to the floor. This primer also allows for a smoother surface to bond to creating better adhesion with both surfaces.

Electric Power 220v

The refinishing sanders and sanding machines require 220 volt power. Please be aware that most all homes have 220v by the dryer or stove. For any reason the power should be an inefficient and lower source of energy, we will be attaching a power booster to the supply and drawing more power from the property so that our machines can have the appropriate amount of electricity they require.

Pets & Pet Stains

During the installation and/or refinishing process, pets should be isolated from the work areas. Also, if pet stains are present in the sub floors or surfaces being refinished, special considerations should be discussed, in so much as installing a product called Kilz on the sub floor. Refinishing of floors with pet stains may not take the finish and the customer should inform our company of these conditions and be aware of the results.

Trim, Baseboards & Quarter-round

When the selection has been made to use Signature Edition, Inc. to perform the tear out prior to installation and/or refinishing, the trim/baseboard will be discussed regarding removal and replacement. Also, quarter-round installation may be considered at and around areas where the installer sees it fit to do so to avoid damage to existing pieces of wood work or drywall labor. Signature Edition, Inc. provides a special service of trim, baseboard and quarter-round installation. Fees for this service can vary based on the linear foot. This service will be discussed during the quotation process.

Steps | Stairs | Treads | Risers

Signature Edition, Inc. follows all building codes based on the IRC Building code guide lines. These services can require a permit and may range in high costs. Our focus is to follow the building code and provide a quality product to our clients. Full assessments will be made with notations during the bid process and the client will be informed and educated of the planned installation.

Flush Mount Vents & Dampers

When a customer decides to select a new hardwood flooring surface, SEI suggests the installation of hardwood flush mount vents. The beauty and appearance of flush mount vents provide that clean and finished look, especially when vents (metal vents) are present close to traffic areas. Dampers for flush mount vents can also be ordered and installed at an additional cost.


Transitions & Thresholds

In most all flooring installations there exist transitions from hardwood and tile to carpet, linoleum or other types of surfaces. Signature Edition, Inc. will discuss the transitions at thresholds where doors exist, or room separations are present. Be conscious that these transitions do include additional costs; yet are very modest in price at $5-$10 a linear foot; depending on the type of transition to install.

Hardwood Flooring Curing Time

Our finishing systems typically takes 10 day to cure to there maximum potential. We recommend socks only for the first 24 hours after the final coat has dried (typically dries in 2 hours from the time it was applied). Lift and place furniture after 48 hours from the final coat application. No rugs for seven days during this process of curing. And we suggest using a pH balanced cleaner for the maintenance and up keep of the flooring, but only after the floor has had a chance to cure the minimum of seven days.

Furniture Pads & Floor Protection

When replacing furniture onto the new finished surface, Signature Edition recommends using felt, plastic or rubber pads under the feet, legs and supports of the furniture; such as couches, chairs, tables, etc.

Guarantee & Workmanship 

Signature Edition, Inc. guarantees their workmanship and gains acceptance as the project nears completion. Customers are very satisfied with the quality and professionalism that our company exhibits. All of our work is a result of continual referrals, and we pride ourselves on continued excellence with each customer.


Upon completion of the hardwood flooring surface that has been finished with a water-base or polyurethane coating, we suggest not placing rugs onto the new floor for 7 days. During the 7 day period, the curing process takes effect and guarantees the new finish will cure properly. Also, rugs kept in the same area for an extended period of time, especially where natural light is projected onto the floor, will leave a shading affect in the hardwood. This results in changing the color of the hardwood floor that is nearly impossible to remove. Signature Edition, Inc. suggests limiting rug placement in areas that receive natural light for extended periods of time (over months and years of time).

Cleaning Care & Products

Signature Edition, Inc. suggests cleaning your new hardwood floors with non- corrosive, non-abrasive solutions, generally pH balanced cleaners. Using any type of acidic or chemical-base product could damage the flooring surface when used over time. Never use a vinegar/water solution to mop floors. Finally, Signature Edition, Inc. can provide the cleaning solution based on request.

Licensed & Insured

Signature Edition, Inc. maintains Health Insurance, Business Liability Insurance and Auto Insurance. We are licensed in the State of Colorado and can be found on the Secretary of State’s Internet site.


Construction Contract Agreement

Our beliefs of informing Signature Edition Inc. potential clients is vitally important to the process of installing and finishing a flooring surface. Besides this page of frequently asked questions, we provide a link to our document labeling all terms we see fit to exercise – please see the following link that will provide you, the client, with additional information.